CrossPointe was birthed in 2006, when Pastor Don Spradling agreed to shepherd a group of about sixty people requesting a new church to be formed. The group met on a weekly basis in a Ramada Inn. God began bringing people and families to the body. During this time, Pastor Don shared with the church this conviction: CrossPointe must sow into the lives of others before even thinking about building a church home for themselves. The congregation raised $20,000, building two new churches in China. This established CrossPointe's heart for giving and missions.

Shortly after this, the church turned its attention to locating land to begin the building project. Land was found in South Tyler and purchased in April 2007. The church was experiencing tremendous growth during this time. They moved from the Ramada Inn to a storefront location in the South East Crossing shopping center serving as a temporary home until the new church was built. In June 2008, the land was completely paid off and in November a groundbreaking ceremony was held. 

The building phase commenced in 2009 and Pastor Johnathan Ellison was chosen to be CrossPointe's Youth Pastor. Two service times were put into effect and God continued to bring more people. In 2010, the new building was complete and the first service was held on March 21st. 

In June 2012, Peter Docherty was chosen to serve as Associate Pastor, leading the Worship & Media Departments and Pastor Johnathan was promoted to Executive Pastor. In January 2015, Pastor Don, after founding the church and serving as Lead Pastor for nine years, retired. Pastor Johnathan was appointed the new Lead Pastor of CrossPointe. In the fall of 2015 the parking lot was expanded, offering sixty more spaces. 

Since then, Daniel Courade and Steve Smith have joined the pastoral team of CrossPointe. Daniel serves as Youth Pastor and Steve as Executive Pastor.

God has continued to add to the CrossPointe family. In April of 2017, three Sunday services were incorporated to better serve the life of the church. Lives are being restored to Christ and connection is flourishing through various weekly community groups and ministries. 

There is a plan in place for expansion. The church pastors and elders are currently working with contractors and architects to see these plans to fruition. The financial and city planning requirements are underway with the goal to break ground by late summer or early fall of 2018, with the new worship center and children's ministry area completed in 2019. 

To God be the glory. We believe the best is yet to come!